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Bjorn Copeland is a visual artist and founding member of the seminal band Black Dice, known for releasing psychedelic and truly experimental tunes on labels such as DFA, Paw Tracks, and L.I.E.S.


The cult legend recently caught up with the MERRY JANE team and told us one of the craziest stories we've ever heard about cannabis. The artist was once a heavy marijuana enthusiast, smoking up to a half ounce of grass every day at his peak. After about 20 years of regular use, he decided to take a permanent break in this spring of 2017. Whereas most longtime cannabis smokers experience mild side effects after quitting, such as super-charged dreams and sleep paralysis, Bjorn started seeing ghosts.

Over several phone calls and IRL conversations with Sokol, the narrative was compiled into an “As Told To”-style essay. This is Bjorn Copeland's true tale about weed and ghosts, and everyone (to this day!) feels honored that he shared it with us. Don't let the ganja gouls get you, too. All artwork by Bjorn Copeland.

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