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Welcome to CASH ONLY, a show about the second economy airing only on Bullish Studio. Here, our hosts Zach and Jordan explore underground and extralegal markets, fringe business, and the bleeding edge of drugs, weed, sex, crime and culture. Our video series holds up a magnifying glass over the murky world of legal grey zones that spring up after vices like cannabis and others are legalized and regulated. CASH ONLY will explore questions like:
🍁 Why are unlicensed cannabis brands being counterfeited and bootlegged?
💊Will decriminalizing hard drugs lead to lower rates of substance abuse?
💸Has OnlyFans actually disrupted the mainstream pornography industry? 


Sometimes we’ll get lost in the sauce — literally in the weeds — as we dive into these topics. Other times, we’ll be right on the money. Welcome to CASH ONLY. 

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