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EZ Listening (2016 - ?)

A party series with electronic musicians, booked and organized by Eli Libman and Zach Sokol. All posters designed by Bobby Viteri. Special shout-out to Chris Maggio for the photo on Vol. 3!


There were three editions of EZ Listening in 2016:


EZ Listening Vol. 1: “Born in Detroit, D.I.E. in New York”

Featuring Detroit in Effect, DJ Wey, Person of Interest, and EZ’s very own Don Clarke


EZ Listening Vol. 2: “True Blue at Nublu”

Featuring Moon B, Jamma Dee, and Will Dimaggio


EZ Listening Vol. 3: “EZ Freeze”

Featuring JR Chaparro (City-2 St. Giga), DJ Python, and EZ Don

This channel is coming soon!
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