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First-Person Shooter was a regular photo essay series that aimed to offer brief vantages into the lives of compelling and strange subjects from all over. Conceived by Zach Sokol, who oversaw and edited every installment, and spearheaded by photographer Julian Master (a real OG finesser!), the column published every other Saturday on


There were over 25 editions of First-Person Shooter, several of which garnered the highest traffic out of any article on during the month they published. Subjects ranged from a professional clown/magician doing birthday party rounds in New York City, to a helicopter pilot who snapped pics from the skies of New Zealand.

Other installments featured a knife-maker, a glass bong-blower, a sex worker at a fancy brothel in Las Vegas, a self-described “neighborhood superhero,” a group of paparazzi chasing down Rihanna, and even a newspaper delivery guy on his morning route in Bosnia. Subjects were picked intentionally because they weren’t trained photographers. The series intended to ask, What if you don't want photos of interesting people, but rather snapshots of what the world looks like to interesting people?

For more of Julian Master’s work, visit his website here



Greenpoint Tattoo Co., Brooklyn

Diner Restaurant, Brooklyn

Uber Driver, Los Angeles

Aspiring Stand-Up Comedian, NYC

Newspaper Delivery Man, Bosnia

Burlesque Dancer, NYC

Auto Mechanic, California

Budtender, Colorado

Sustainable Commune, Oregon

Muay Thai Competitor, Brooklyn

Professional Clown/Magician, NYC

Cheesemonger, Brooklyn

Celebrity Paparazzi, NYC

Helicopter Pilot, New Zealand

Apartment Building Porter, Bronx

Dairy Farmer, Upstate New York

Knife-Maker, North Carolina

Hostel, Denver

IRL “Superhero,” Missouri

Tobacco Farm, South Carolina

Pond Cleaner, Los Angeles

Professional Skater, NYC

Sex Expo with Zoe Ligon, Brooklyn

Microbrewery, Portland 

Legal Brothel, Las Vegas

Glass Pipe Blower, Philadelphia

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