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In 2016, Sokol co-created the VICE column Pupdates with Zak Krevitt and Liz Renstrom. Conceived by Krevitt — a card-carrying member of NYC-PAH (New York City Pups and Handlers) — the series sought to explore and document the growing number of people who embrace “Puppy Play,” a subculture within BDSM wherein participants role play as either a pup or pup owner, and release the constraints of their human characteristics in order to adopt those of a dog. Some editions of the column shifted its focus to furries, too.

Sokol directly worked with Krevitt on every installment in the series, which involved the photographer traveling to multiple leather conferences, a furry convention, and a BDSM street festival. While Pupdates is 100% Zak Krevitt’s vision and art, Sokol is extremely proud to have commissioned and edited this column. All photos below are courtesy of Zak Krevitt.



Playing Fetch with Pups and Handlers in the Nation’s Capital

Frolicking with Fetish Pups at a Midwestern Leather Convention

Photos of the Fastest Growing Furry Convention in America

Furries Explain How They Developed Their 'Fursonas'

Tender Photos of an NYC BDSM Street Festival

Inside a Fetish Kennel in Upstate New York

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