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In October 2015, THUMP traveled to Kraków, Poland to attend Unsound, an experimental music festival featuring a mouth-watering lineup of international artists performing in hyper-unique spaces all throughout the Polish city.

Unlike other music festivals, Unsound is a non-profit, which frees the organizers from depending on ticket sales or line-up hype, and instead allows them to get weird, challenging tired notions of what a music festival can be. The 2015 week-long edition was no exception, starting with Unsound's "Surprise" theme. Not only was the majority of the lineup not announced to ticket-buyers in advance, but a number of the venues were also kept a secret until just before doors opened.


At the festival, there was a multimedia, "synesthetic" installation in an abandoned tobacco factory called Stara Fabryka Tytoniu; all-night DJ sets in the defunct, Soviet-era Forum Hotel; performances at The Museum of Municipal Engineering in Kraków; and a special headlining act, whose identity was never revealed, held a one-of-a-kind concert 300 meters underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine, arguably the country's most treasured national monument — and one that was built in the 13th century.

In the first episode of Rave New World, THUMP joined the festival's organizers, artists, and fans for a musical experience unlike any other. Featuring interviews with J-Lin, HEALTH, King Midas Sound, and others, It turns out cave raves aren't just for mole people.



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