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In 2016, Sokol co-created and produced one of VICE’s first original podcasts, alongside noted cannabis personality Abdullah Saeed.


As the host of Bong Appétit and the brainchild of the column-turned-TV-show Weediquette, Saeed has closely observed cannabis move from the shadows to store shelves, witnessing the final moments of detractors prohibiting the plant's consumption. On that journey he’s met some of the coolest, weirdest, and most fascinating weed enthusiasts, each of whom carry a little piece of cannabis history with them.


Tea Time with T. Kid was intended to be a platform for Saeed to share thought-provoking conversations with some of the most innovative and influential people in the cannabis space, including celebrated journalists, entrepreneurs, chefs, and activists — all whom love the plant and support its advocacy.


In the series, guests would visit Saeed’s home at 4:20pm for a cup of tea and a smoke sesh. There, they discussed the green zeitgeist and review a new weed-related product — from futuristic vapes to next-level edibles.

Sokol produced and oversaw five episodes of the podcast before it went on hiatus. All illustrations were created by artist Heather Benjamin.

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