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Writer's Block was a VICE column that zeroed in on graffiti legends, street bombers, and modern-day vandals with a mixture of stories, off-the-cuff interviews, and never-before-seen pictures.


From the first on-record interview with ATAK, to a travel diary exploring Asia’s most prominent graff hubs, Writer’s Block documented the spray paint zeitgeist on a global scale, and documented some of the most notorious and influential figures in the scene.

The column was spearheaded and edited by Sokol, but written and photographed by Ray Mock, founder of the graffiti-focused publishing house Carnage NYC. All photos featured below are courtesy of Ray Mock.


ATAK: A Graffiti Extremist’s Winter Diary of Spraypaint and Isolation

Painting the Iron Triangle, Queens’ Toxic Graffiti Paradise

SKUF: What Happens When a Legendary Graffiti Writer Grows Up

Photos of Seoul's Raw, Emerging Graffiti Scene

Bombing with Hong Kong's Biggest Graffiti Writers

Bangkok Graffiti Matures Amid Beef and Growing Pains

Taiwan's Graffiti Scene Is Outgrowing Its Foreign Influences

How Tokyo Became Asia’s Graffiti Capital

The Cleanup of Detroit Has Erased Graffiti History

Graffiti Artist CASH4 Does Not Want You to Vote

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